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For the HTL (histotechnologist), a baccalaureate degree is required, whether
the person is attending a NAACLS accredited histotechnology program or going
through the on-the-job (OJT) route.

For the HT (histotechnician/histologic technician), there will be two routes
as of January 1, 2005.
- For the OJT route, the requirement will be an associate degree with 12
credit hours of biology and chemistry (combined, not 12 hours each) and one
year full-time experience in histotechnology.
- The other route is successful completion of a NAACLS accredited
histotechnology program. There is NO education requirement through this
route. So a person could have a high school diploma, some college, associate
degree, whatever. NAACLS programs can only accept people who have a least a
high school diploma, and have had biology, chemistry and math courses in
their past, but again, that could be high school or college courses.

So a person going through a NAACLS accredited HT program with a high school
diploma will still be allowed to sit for the ASCP HT exam.

But it HAS to be a NAACLS accredited HT program.

Just taking college classes in histology or biology  is NOT acceptable for
the NAACLS route. The person going through a non-NAACLS program would have
to qualify via the OJT-Associate degree route.

The 3rd route, which is being dropped as of the end of Dec 2004, is  the HT
OJT route with less than the associate degree. (High school, some college,
etc.) with 2 years OJT.

If you still have questions about your particular person, contact ASCP Board
of Registry (BOR) at 1-312-738-1336, press "0" for operator, and ask for the

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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> Can someone please tell me the upcoming restrictions for attaining HT
> certification.  One of my employees is enrolled in a program which will
> her to obtain this certification w/o a bachelor's degree.  My
> is that a Bachelor's degree will be mandatory in order to obtain this
> certification in 2005 (and she will not be "grandfathered in" as she will
not have her
> certification by this time).  This is causing a problem with tuition
> re-imbursement.
> Can someone clarify this for me?
> Thank you,
> Ann Angelo
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