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It is trivia like this that my wife says that I worry about too much!!
Can use any root from any fast growing plant but onion is used because
it is continuing tradition and if you leave onions in the pantry too
long they will develop roots. Using a bulb, it is easy to place the bulb
suspended on the opening of a jar filled with water and harvest growing
roots as needed.
Perhaps the supply of onion root tips could be the start of a new
cottage industry? 

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I've always wondered, "why onion?".

Dr Terry L Marshall, B.A.(Law), M.B.,Ch.B.,F.R.C.Path  Consultant
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I would also recommend these, at least as a first step.
It has the advantage of being simple and rapid.
We used Q-tips to rub the inside of the cheek, smeared this on a slide.
Either fix with alcohol or just dry. Stain with dilute toluidine blue
for a minutes or so, rinse and dry. While it is preferable to use
immersion oil, a lot of details can be seen just using dried sections.
Kids can see their own cells, many with nuclei and also bacteria on the
surface of the cells. 
All you have to do is explain the kid's blue finger tips to the parents.
If you want to explain cell division, we used to show them sections of
onion root tips stained with either Heidenhain's iron hematoxylin or
Feulgen. Barry

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I don't know if this would be feasible in a job fair, but I 
remember in grade school we did a science project involving 
putting our cheek cells on slides and comparing them to onion 
sections on slides. I thought it was fun at least. :-)
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