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Sigma sells a kit for doing TRAP.  It is traditionally done on blood or
marrow smears for hematopathology using the Sigma Kit.  Hairy cell leukemia
cells are tartrate resistant acid phos positive.  Osteoclasts and some T
lymphocytes are also TRAP+.  I adapted this Sigma TRAP kit to stain
osteoclasts in bone in samples processed without decalcification in GMA.  I
mixed the kit components and placed the sections in the reagent in a 37dc
oven for 1 hr.  This is an enzyme histochemical stain and will stain the
granules in multinucleated osteoclast cells red.  We used a light green
counter stain with this.  There are reports of people using this enzyme
method sucessfully on ffpe bone if the fixation is not too long, I have not
done this myself.  Also, Hermina does this on EDTA decalcified bone.  There
is also an anti-TRAP antibody method for IHC that came out a few years ago,
it was written up in JOH, I have not tried it.

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Sorry to tag on here but I have a question.

 I am sorry to bother you all with this questions however someone just
    asked me how to do a Trap Stain on bone and I do not have a protocol to
    them.  She currently does not have access to  a computer to ask herself
    we can do one of two things.  Please either send me the protocol by
    or fax it to 800-949-3291 to my attention or let me know you have one
    her and I will send your her fax number for a direct contact.  I know we
    have has this on HistoNet many times and I just never copied the
    for future use.
    Pam Marcum 


Pam Marcum 

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> For one thing, we take a double headed scope and some slides.  The kids
> really seem to enjoy looking at tonsils, brain, etc.  I have some
> specimens
> (gallstones, appendix, lung, etc) encased in plastic resin and they enjoy
> that. The National Society for Histotechnology has a wonderful pamphlet
> about histotechnology as a career.  It can be ordered from their
> website for
> shippng charges only (I think it's $8 per 25 pamphlets).
> Tom.
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> Good evening all,
>   Does any one have some ideas what kids today would respond to at a job
> awareness fair. something comic but maybe fun about our jobs.  Any input
> appreciated. Thanks, Tere Hodges St. Mary's Hospital Tucson, Az,
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