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As Patsy mentioned, I've had continuing successful TRAP staining on 
formalin fixed (24-48 hours), Formic acid decalcified mouse legs (6 hours 
decal) - and since I am on a learning curve - the same protocol does NOT 
work with HcL decalcification - although I must admit, I don't know why.

Jackie O'Connor
Abbott Laboratories
Discovery Chemotherapeutics

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How are your fresh cells fixed?  In my experience aldehyde fixed paraffin
processed tissue especially decalcified is not the best for demonstrating
osteoclasts with TRAP, although Jackie O'Connor at Abbott has gotten it to
work on formalin fixed tissue if the fixation was not very long.  I use 
on cold methanol fixed bone biopsie's processed without decalcification 
glycol methacrylate.  I would think that the fresh fixed cells should work

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Subject: [Histonet] TRAP staining

I would like to try SIGMA kit N85, for staining osteoclats on fresh fixed
cells (reconstructed tissue, and also paraffin embedded secions. Tissue is
fixed in 4 % paraformaldehyde, is there another fixative wich works better 
Do you think if i must change the way to proceede ?

Thank you very much
Myriam baali
Natural implant

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