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It depends on what you want to do.  If you want to do IHC on bone MMA will
be best, but if you just want to look at fluorochrome labelling and special
stains like von kossa for calcified areas and even enzyme histochemical
stains for osteoclasts/osteoblasts then you can use glycol methacrylate
which is less toxic and easier to handle in my experience than methyl

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Please tell me what supplies I need to begin undecalcified bone processing.
I have addressed the aquisition of knives, knife holder, and block holder.

    What I need now are;
    1. Which plastic is best for bone?
    2. What kind of embedding molds and what sizes do they come in?
        (We are going to do rat legs)
    3. What kind of instruments will I need?
I'm new at this and feeling my way, please HELP!
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