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   Eosinophils usually stain pale orange or pink in H+E preparations.
Neutrophils stain purple.  Aside from the color difference, eosinophil
nuclei usually have two lobes, both on the same side of the cell.
Neutrophil nuclei usually have 3 to 7 lobes, evenly distributed through the
   The 4th edition of Wheater's FUNCTIONAL HISTOLOGY has a nicely labeled
picture of eosinophils and neutrophils stained with H+E on p. 78. There is a
rather fuzzy neutrophil inside the capillary at the top of Figure 16.25 (0.4
cm from the top and 5.2 cm from the right hand edge) on p. 309.  The
capillary at the bottom of Figure 16.25 contains an even fuzzier eosinophil
with only one lobe of the nucleus in the plane of section (1 cm from the
bottom and 5 cm from the right hand edge).  There are several eosinophils in
Figure 14.28e on p. 270: the best of them is 0.9 cm from the bottom and 1.2
cm from the right hand edge. There is an excellent picture of a neutrophil
on p. 220, 1 cm from the right hand edge and 6.5 cm from the top of Fig.

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Subject: [Histonet] Eosinophils with H&E

Hello everybody

I need to count eosinophils in eosinophilic granulomas from mouse infected 
with Toxocara canis.

Does any body has a nice pic of mouse eosinophils stained with H&E?
How can I distiguish them from Neutrophils?

Thank You very much.


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