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From:"Young Kwun"

Dear Martina,
I tried a different histochemical method for adrenergic nerves long time
ago. The introduction of Falk-Hillarp formaldehyde histofluorescence method
(Falk & Hillarp et al., Fluorescence of catecholamine and related compounds
condensed with formaldehyde, J. Histochem.Cytochem.10, 348-354, 1962) made
it possible to demonstrate peripheral stores of catecholamines.

However, as far as I know, a fluorescent technichque based on glyoxylic acid
has been proved to be superior to formaldehyde vapour technique. (Lindvall
et al., Histochemistry 39,197-227,1974; Furness & Costa, The use of
glyoxylic acid for the fluorescence histochemical demonstration of
peripheral stores of noradrenaline and 5-hydroxytryptamine in whole mounts,
Histochemistry 41,335-352, 1975).

I mainly used cryostat sections of fresh, ovine oesophageal muscle for my
study modified from Furness & Costa, but I remember some study using
freeze-dried and paraffin embedded tissue as well. I am not sure about
formalin fixed materials. I don't have any recent references. 

What about other enzymes for noradrenaline such as tyrosine hydroxylase and
dopamine beta-hydroxylase etc. Are there any reason not using
immunohistochemistry for adrenergic innervation?

Young Kwun
Senior Hospital Scientist
Dept. of Anatomical Pathology
Concord Hospital
Concord NSW 2139
Phone:61-2-9767 6075
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Dear Histonetters!
I would like to use the Formalin-induced Fluorescence to demonstrate
adrenergic nerve fibres in intestinal and urogenital tissues. Does anyone
have experience with that and would you have a protocol for that? Can I use
paraformaldehyde fixed tissue for the method or does it have to be fresh? I
would also like to try it on whole mount preparations of bladder wall.
Any help appreciated
Martina Pirker
Children's Research Centre
Our Ladies Hospital for Sick CHildren

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