[Histonet] re: Automated Image analysis

From:"Kevin Conway"

Hi Yan,

I'm working on a macro series (SIMAR - Simple IMAging Routines) for Scion
Image (also a free download available at www.scioncorp.com).

The macro package I'm working on is available at:


I'm using these macros for analysing a large number of images from
immunocytochemistry on muscle cells grown in culture, but should be
adaptable to most histochemical or immunohistochemical stains. I still have
to develop some documentation, but they are mostly self-explanatory, just
load a directory-worth of images into scion, then execute the macro.
Note that there is an immunofluorescence macro that inverts the image prior
to performing thresholding and area measurement. For most
immunocytochemistry I've done a decent threshold has been in the 100-150
range (contrary to the default of 40).

If you (or anyone) use them, I'd only ask to see the results and how
reliable the method is for you (I'm particularly interested in seeing the
error bars). If anyone is interested in contributing feel free to contact
me. The thesis is bogging me down a bit now but I'll try to get
documentation and a feature wish-list up soon.



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