[Histonet] p. carinii stain


   I've  used  both  IHC and the traditional GMS stain and greatly prefer
   the  IHC  over  GMS.   However,  when  I  moved  to  the University of
   Virginia,  they  were  using  a  wonderful  silver  stain developed by
   Churkian  and  Schenk. (Lab.  Med.  17:87-90, 1986;  J. Histotechnnol.
   11:19-21,  1988) It  oxidizes in Periodic Acid instead of Chromic Acid
   and  uses  a stabilized Ammoniacal Silver.  Performed in the microwave
   in  about 10  minutes  for the total stain, it is one of the cleanest,
   most  consistent  silver fungus stains I have seen, and you can't beat
   the  turn  around time! Give this one a try before giving up on silver
   fungus stains.
   Terri L. Braud, HT(ASCP), Manager
   Surgical Pathology Department, OMS Rm 4765
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