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From:"Hernan Aldana Marcos"

Dear Nancy
Do you speak spanish?
I write a very complete work related to how recognize all types of glicoconjugates in a seccion.
you find the teoric stament with the explication of the details of the techniques in spanish in: http://www.ht.org.ar/teorico1.htm

I published a paper in english dealing to this. However is a big archive. I try to send it in three parts.  Please write me if you receibed it well.
Or find it in the library
"Histology, Histochemistry and Fine Structure of the Lacrimal and Nictitans Gland in the South American Armadillo Chaetophractus villosus (Xenarthra, Mammalia)" Aldana Marcos H.J., Ferrari C.C.,  Cervino C. y Affanni J.M.  Exp. Eye Res. 75: 731-744. 2002.

Well if you need more help wirte me again.

Dr. Hernán J. Aldana Marcos
Facultad de Medicina. Universidad de Morón
Machado 914. B1708JPD. Buenos Aires. Argentina 
e-mail alternativo hernanjavier@yahoo.com
web: http://hjaldanamarcos.bravepages.com

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