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From:"Vinnie Della Speranza"

I hope that all of you will indulge me this off topic post. I'm willing to endure the flames if even just a few of you will consider this worthy of your effort

a coworker's son is a marine serving in Baghdad. He told his mom about a buddy in his outfit who doesn't get any mail from home. I told her that I would be proud to write him. For all that he is sacrificing for us, it seems wrong that he should feel unappreciated. 

as soon as I complete this post I will be drafting a letter thanking him for his sacrifice on my behalf to preserve freedom. These men and women are putting everything on the line for us in a country filled with individuals who do not seem to value life 

I'm sharing this with you because I thought that some of you might want to drop these boys a line and let them know that they are not forgotten and how proud we are of them. 

the young man who doesn't receive mail is 

Corporal Shawn Sanders 
MWSS-273 Eng. Division 
Unit 78555 
FPO-AP 09509-8555 

My coworker's son is Sargeant Brandon Bridges in the same unit if you get the urge to write them both.

it would be so cool if these guys could receive a sack of mail from back home. Just think of the message it would send to their entire unit!

thanks for listening!!

Vinnie Della Speranza
Manager for Anatomic Pathology Services
Medical University of South Carolina
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