[Histonet] Eosin in processor,GMS m-wave, onion


We've used eosin in the processor, but I don't know if that will affect Q FE 
or not

When I do Microwave GMS I nuke the slides in the silver solution to give the  
 tissue the benefit of the M-wave treatment, otherwise you're just heating 
the solutions. I don't nuke the slides in the Chromic though as this seems to 
blast the tissue off the slides. Also I nuke for 15 seconds, remove the 
continer,- agitate the solution gently with a plastic pipette, and nuke again for 10 
sec. and agitate again. this assures the solution is a constant temp throughout 
and not hot on the top/cool on the bottom. Also are   your solutions 
consistently at the same temp each time you begin the stain? I have different times 
listed depending on whether the chems are cold from refrigeration or have been 
standing @ RT.

in addition to the root tips, the onion has a great tough membrane covering 
the flat parts inside (the leaves of the bulb?) that under the scope shows the 
cells mighty nicely.
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