[Histonet] Cryostorage -> how to prevent desiccation ?



I want to do tissue long term storage in a -80C Freezer or in Liquid Nitrogen (vapor phase)
and worry about the DESICCATION problem. 
I read that wrapping tissues in foil or putting them in bags can prevent desiccation, but am not sure about this topic in general an have no experience and no reliable publications.

I would prefer to use only *one* storage-container (e.g. cryovial) to simplify my storage logistics,
therefore avoiding any ziplock bags would be nice.

These are my questions:

1. Get tissues desiccated if they are OCT-embedded or only if they are (snap) frozen "naked" ?
2. What about sealing the cryotubes with parafilm or adhesive tape to prevent desiccation ? Can this work in the real cold cold world ?
3. Any there any recommended cryovial-types or supplies you would prefer ?
4. Are the any publications I can rely on regarding desiccation and longterm storage aspects ?
5. Is desiccation the same phenomenon for histology as "freezer burn" for food ?

Thanks in Advance,

Ivo Schmidt
Molecular Biologist
Berlin / Germany
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