sheep serum for blocking (IHC)


Hi there,

I am doing some in situ hybridization with DIG-labeled oligos, and the 
labeled anti-DIG antibody is from sheep. Unfortunately I am having a=20
hard time to find a blocking serum from sheep, usual sources have told 
me it will take 4 weeks or so and I would not like to wait that much. I 
don't feel in the mood to go out tonight and bleed local sheep as a=20
chupacabras, but a local provider offers me defibrinated male sheep=20
blood (yep, don't ask "why male?" because I have no clue. In Spanish we 
have a different name for male and female sheep: "carnero" and "oveja" 
respectively in case somebody is curious).

My guess is that defibrinated blood would work just fine after 
eliminating blood cells, for immuno blocking applications. I don't see 
why plasma should be worse than serum, but any thoughts/comments will be 
welcome. Thank you


Oswaldo Palenzuela
Fish Pathology Laboratory
Torre la Sal S/N,
12595 Ribera de Cabanes, Castellón

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