looking to buy TWO mono technicons


Dear Histonetters:  I am looking to BUY   TWO mono technicons
in good working order.  I am looking for THE best deal I can get.  If any of you out there
and especially VENDORS have a good offer please let me know.  Time is no problem.


 Hern#225#n Molina Kirsch   MD.         LABORATORIO DE PATOLOGIA

3ra. Calle 9-78, zona 1 n 01001 Apartado Postal #2767 Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala, C. A.

Tel#233#fonos: (502) 2536056 n 2517008 n 2517009 Fax (502) 2380436 -                           Correo electr#243#nico:            hmk20@hotmail.com

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