cryosectioning cadaveric tissue

From:John Baker

Howdy Histonetters, I have been asked to cyrosection cadaveric muscle 
tissue. I use a Hacker-Bright cyrostat with the heavy duty (we are a 
bone lab) microtome in the chamber. I have not sectioned unfixed 
tissue of this nature before. The tissue will be frozen in liquid 
nitrogen and then embedded in OCT for sectioning. What method of 
decontamination for the cryostat chamber and microtome, etc. are 
necessary? Might it be difficult with the whole microtome present? 
What pathogens remain of concern after the freezing?  Are there other 
precautions that must me taken besides personal protection of mask, 
gloves, etc.? Thanks in advance for any help.  John

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