From:Luz Cardenas

Hi all,
Thank you for your help. I am doing chat IHC and getting good result in free floting vibratome sections, but can not get good ones following same protocol for cryostat sections. Also most of my Imuno on cryostat section don't work well..I am having radoms  results. I used same brain for vibratome and the other half (after sucrose and isopentane freezing) for cryostat..?? some body work with chat?..what dilution of the primary ab are using for cryostat 20uM thickness?...did some body have a picture of this staining in mouse brain?...
Thank you very much in advance...I am reading and learning alot with this wonderful way of comunication from the experts.

Luz Cardenas, MD
Post-doctoral Research
Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology
University of Tennessee Health Science Center

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