adipose tissue markers (precursors, endothelial, fibroblast)

I'm working on the characterisation of adipose tissue after an in vivo
treament that induces WAT accumulation in mice. There is a notable increase
in connective tissue that seems particularly rich in cells with a
morphology resembling adipocyte precursors. As there is no adequate
(published) marker for identifying adipocyte precursors, I'm trying to
eliminate other candidates like fibroblasts (including fibrocytes),
histiocytes, and endothelial cells. Mason's trichome staining was good for
highlighting capillaries and vessels so I don't think the extra stuff is
endothelial but I was going to verify with vWF. When I looked into
fibroblast markers,  I noticed vimentin (we have it an its an easy
antibody!) and I saw reports that it labels histiocytes, fibroblasts and
endothelial cells. If so, this sounds great, but does it label all cells of
mesenchyme origin (therefore also adipocyte precursors)? Can anyone suggest
a more specific marker of fibroblasts/fibrocytes and in that case I'll need
to also label histiocyte? Any suggestions for my dilemma?

Nancy Walker
Molecular Biology Scientist

Sanofi-Synthelbo Research
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