Where to get alcian blue from? Where are the squames comeing from

From:kevin williams

Dear all, lots of questions,
Where can I buy Alcian Blue. No one seems to have it in there catalog. I dont want the stianing kit, I recon I can do it for less with the dry powder, it dose come in a dry powder?
Secondly we have been getting squames coming onto the slides that go through our linistain ( belt chain ) stainer, I love simplicity,  I recon they must come from me becaues I am the only one cutting etc. So any way to stop this. We use normal water, not distilled in our water bath and I do not wear gloves any ideas.
Also our Amoium Hydroxide, we put about 0.6 ml concentrated, straight from the bottle,  into about 120ml of distilled H2O. We did use about 1ml but sections keep comeing off, but now we have background on the slides. Can I use more stay on, and we do use tap water in the water bath, or should I just keep trying to increase the ammonium hydroxide concentration a little bit more. Altready though the sections start to fold and flap as parts begin to come free of the slide. The result looks just as bad.
Finally is there anyone from the Vermont and New Hampshire Histology Society. I am interested in joining. All the best and thanks.
A. Kevin Williams

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