Spammed to death in this list


Dear histoneters,

I usually handle a certain amount of spam (maybe 20% or 30%) with not 
too much pain (thanks to Mailwasher: However, since 
posting at this mail list I have noticed a huge, enormous increase on 
the amount of spam received daily. No doubt it is related with the 
archiving of all the mails and their unrestricted access to the 
addresses-harvesting bots. As I see it, there are only a number of 
measures to solve this situation. The first of course is individual, to 
post with a fake address. However, it is a pity if we cannot know the 
real address of the people posting, as there is no opportunity for 
private exchange/discussion. The other individual solution is to 
unsubscribe, something I have even thought about. There would also be 
some collective measures related with the access to the archives only to 
subscribers, or archiving without the from: field, although I understand 
these could be unpopular or technically difficult.

Anyway, I'd like to collect some opinions about how people handles the 
multiple offers of enlarging some parts of our anatomy and reducing some 
others, which come through this list. To me, these are simply too many 
to continue posting here with my real address. This is the last one.


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