Re: cryostat functioning?

From:"T. Truscott"

>From: Greg Dobbin 
>To: jason madore 
>Subject: Re: cryostat functioning?
>Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 16:36:11 -0300 (ADT)
>It does sound as if the ratchet and paul (sp?) are not functioning
>properly. Perhaps the teeth on the ratchet wheel are worn or the
>spring tension for the paul needs be tightened. I would not be very
>confident in knowing the thickness of your sections at that rate.
>If however for the time being (ie until you have it repaired), you are
>not doing morphometric or sterologic studies; getting a thin section
>(albeit, of unkown thickness) may suffice, as long as it has
>consistent thickness in-of-itself. (I know that sentence is way too
>long, but it has been a long week!) So what I mean is, as long as it
>is thin enough for the pathologist to read the necessary stains-
>he/she will tell you if the sections are inadequate.
>I must also say though, I haven't worked in a human diagnostic
>setting, so if that is your situation, quality assurance rules and regs.
>may necessitate getting it fixed before proceeding any further. DO
>NOT allow my "two cents worth" to be the cause of false
>Have a good weekend.
>Date sent:      	Fri, 30 May 2003 11:45:27 -0700
>From:           	jason madore 
>Subject:        	cryostat functioning?
> > Recently got an old leica 1800 cryostat up and running in our lab. After
> > blowing the dust off and cooling it down I started sectioning some 
> > tissues. I would have to crank the handle around between 5-10 times 
> > it would cut the block between sections. Does this seem normal? How
> > confident can I be that the thickness is what I had set it to? If anyone 
> > ever had this problem before I would be gratefull for some advice as I 
> > somewhat of a novice at this and there is no histotech in out lab.
> > thanks.
> > jason.
> >
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Jason, Sometimes its as simple as the bladeholder or chuck not being tight. 
The blade should not move if you try to lift it out with a dissecting pick. 
If it moves, try cleaning the holder and retightening. Good luck  Tom

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