Re: TRAP stain for FFPE decalcified mouse bone

SigmaCat# 387A, is the TRAP we used.  We used a cold formalin(4 deg) fixation 48-72 hrs, followed by a cold EDTA Decal.  Took forever, but worked great.  We tried to minimize room temp or heat anything until processing.

Jacob Bentzon <>

06/05/03 09:01 AM

        To:        HistoNet Server <>
        Subject:        TRAP stain for FFPE decalcified mouse bone

Dear colleagues

I need a protocol for TRAP stain (not IHC) for formalin-fixed,
paraffin-embedded, decalcified mouse bone tissue. I've looked in the
archives and I've seen that this has been discussed before. Could I ask
someone out there to share their knowledge with me.

Thank you

Jacob Bentzon
KMEB, Odense Universitetshospital,


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