Re: Spammed to death in this list

From:Marvin Hanna

Oswaldo asks:

>One more question about the archiving, when somebody answers to a post
>and the original is quoted, some email clients include in the quoted
>text the from: and subject: fields of the original message. Are the
>email addresses dropped from here too, before archiving?.

You found another glitch. As I  mentioned, if the email adress is in the
body of the email, then it will become part of the web page for that post.
Those email clients that do this place those headers in the body of the
message. As others have mentioned, I find filtering emails saves me a lot
of time in disposing of spam. Spam to my email address has tripled over the
last year.

However, I may have found a silver lining. I responded to a Dr. Zainab
Mbane from Nigeria on a money problem he has and I'm going to get 20% of
$65 million! Of course, I've got to come up with $10,000 to help facilitate
the transaction, but after that I'll be a millionaire. When I get to be a
millionaire, I going to order many products from my other email friends
that will reduce, enlarge or eliminate most body parts, double my lifespan,
regrow all my hair and improve my love life. Maybe I should respond to that
"Get a Date Tonight" email. :-)

Welcome to Histonet.



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