Re: Spammed to death in this list


Hi, Hanna and colleagues,

Please, don't get me wrong, I am not at all questioning the usefulness 
of the list, and I truly appreciate the work of those that make such a 
great resource to exist. My attitude on submitting the previous post=20
was, honestly, na´vetÚ and constructive criticism.

I am happy to see that the administrators are doing everything in their 
hands to avoid  the archiving of  addresses. I was assuming that the=20
archives were the open source for the harvesting bots, but it seems that 
this is not the case. Still, I am rather confident that the recent=20
increase in the amount of spam I am suffering is related with my posts 
here, because I have been unsubscribed for quite some time till 
recently. I guess that the problem is not only with archives, but also 
with bots subscribed to the list (could a simple registering step in=20
order to subscribe, using a form, make this more difficult?).

One more question about the archiving, when somebody answers to a post 
and the original is quoted, some email clients include in the quoted=20
text the from: and subject: fields of the original message. Are the=20
email addresses dropped from here too, before archiving?.



Marvin Hanna wrote:

>Hi Oswaldo,
>I sympathize with you about the spam. A recent report said about 40% of all
>emails sent on the Internet is spam. However, I would like to point out
>that the one post you made in September of 2002 only had your email address
>in it because you put it in the body of the message. The archives makes
>every effort to not publish email addresses. The only reason an email
>address will get posted is if you put it in your email body or use it
>instead of your name (i.e. the server takes the  field for FROM: in
>the email header and drops the email address).
>Your posting today came through and posted to the archives with no email
>address information. I have removed your email address from the posting in
>September, 2002.
>When I see email harvest robots enter the site, I'll block them, but it's
>not a perfect system. The purpose of making the web site accessible over
>the Internet is so that histology professionals from around the world (like
>yourself) can find it and hopefully decide to participate in this new
>frontier in Histology. There are also people who can't subscribe because of
>the large volume of messages, but can still keep up through the archives.
>It is possible to make the site available only to subscribers (through
>passwords), but there are disadvantages. It is also possible to block all
>The servers gets thousands of hits a day from histologists around the world
>looking for answers to the problems in their labs. If those of you who are
>concerned about your email address will follow the guidelines above, your
>email address will not be published on the Internet. The only way you
>should know the email address of other subscribers is to subscribe to the
>listserver (which harvester robots can also do anonymously).
>I hope you choose to continue to be a part of the Histonet community. Your
>participation is valued.
>Best Regards,
>Marvin Hanna


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