Re: Spammed to death in this list

From:Joe Nocito

I too, get a lot of spam, but I'm quick with that delete button, sometimes
too quick.  I would rather have spam than not have a world wide source of
information.  I feel it's a small price to pay in exhange for the world wide
knowledge I have to tap into when I need answers. Just my two cents.

Joe Nocito, BS, HT (ASCP) QIHC
Histology Supervisor
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, TX
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From: Marvin Hanna 
To: oswaldo 
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2003 6:02 AM
Subject: Re: Spammed to death in this list

> Hi Oswaldo,
> I sympathize with you about the spam. A recent report said about 40% of
> emails sent on the Internet is spam. However, I would like to point out
> that the one post you made in September of 2002 only had your email
> in it because you put it in the body of the message. The archives makes
> every effort to not publish email addresses. The only reason an email
> address will get posted is if you put it in your email body or use it
> instead of your name (i.e. the server takes the  field for FROM: in
> the email header and drops the email address).
> Your posting today came through and posted to the archives with no email
> address information. I have removed your email address from the posting in
> September, 2002.
> When I see email harvest robots enter the site, I'll block them, but it's
> not a perfect system. The purpose of making the web site accessible over
> the Internet is so that histology professionals from around the world
> yourself) can find it and hopefully decide to participate in this new
> frontier in Histology. There are also people who can't subscribe because
> the large volume of messages, but can still keep up through the archives.
> It is possible to make the site available only to subscribers (through
> passwords), but there are disadvantages. It is also possible to block all
> robots.
> The servers gets thousands of hits a day from histologists around the
> looking for answers to the problems in their labs. If those of you who are
> concerned about your email address will follow the guidelines above, your
> email address will not be published on the Internet. The only way you
> should know the email address of other subscribers is to subscribe to the
> listserver (which harvester robots can also do anonymously).
> I hope you choose to continue to be a part of the Histonet community. Your
> participation is valued.
> Best Regards,
> Marvin Hanna
> >Dear histoneters,
> >
> >I usually handle a certain amount of spam (maybe 20% or 30%) with not
> >too much pain (thanks to Mailwasher: However, since
> >posting at this mail list I have noticed a huge, enormous increase on
> >the amount of spam received daily. No doubt it is related with the
> >archiving of all the mails and their unrestricted access to the
> >addresses-harvesting bots. As I see it, there are only a number of
> >measures to solve this situation. The first of course is individual, to
> >post with a fake address. However, it is a pity if we cannot know the
> >real address of the people posting, as there is no opportunity for
> >private exchange/discussion. The other individual solution is to
> >unsubscribe, something I have even thought about. There would also be
> >some collective measures related with the access to the archives only to
> >subscribers, or archiving without the from: field, although I understand
> >these could be unpopular or technically difficult.
> >
> >Anyway, I'd like to collect some opinions about how people handles the
> >multiple offers of enlarging some parts of our anatomy and reducing some
> >others, which come through this list. To me, these are simply too many
> >to continue posting here with my real address. This is the last one.
> >
> >Oswaldo

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