Re: Labeliing slides

From:Vicki Gauch

 When we get slides for consultation from other institutions, we assign
them a case number and write our number on the back of the slides in
permanent marker.

Hope that helps,
 Vicki Gauch
AMCH Pathology

>>>  6/3/2003 8:06:57 AM >>>

    I would appreciate information on how other institutions handle
slides from outside clints. Presently we assign each patient an
number. This number is printed on a computer generated tag with the
name, stain, and date.  That number is written on the paperwork that 
accompanied these blocks/slides. The original paperwork(with our
number added) block and slides are returned to the outside client. We
recently had an outside client request that we handwrite their number
on our 
tags before returning the slides. Does anyone do this?
Thanks in advance for your help

Rena Fail
Medical University of SC

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