Re: Immunohistochemistry is making me cry

From:Todd Sherman

Hello Andrew,

I think anyone that has performed IHC can sympathize with your plight; 
however, don't give up too easily.  One day you will discover the "magic 
step" of the protocol and it will work beautifully.  Often only repeated 
and empirical experimentation yields the desired result.  The tricky 
part is interpretation which can vary wildly depending on the analyst 
and their desire for a specific result.

What specifically is making you cry?  The diced onion you use in a 
special buffer?  The excessive detection?  The absence of detection?
There are numerous wise and experienced persons subscribing to the 
Histonet and I'm sure the collective knowledge base can guide you 


Todd Sherman
HistoSoft Corporation
"Biology in a new form..."

 >Date: 9 Jun 2003 04:30:53 -0500
 >From: Andrew Gray 
 >Subject: Immunohistochemistry is making me cry.
 >Dear all,
 >Immunohistochemistry is making me cry. :`(
 >Andrew Gray
 >PhD student

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