Re: FW: Technical staffing levels

From:Ross Stapf

We have 3 levels of Histotechs:

HT1 basic level cutting and embedding etc.  This does not necessarily require HT certification, but requires a BS degree in science or histology school and some training to complete an internal competancy we have establised.  Currently the only non-HT's were BS degrees trained here as Histo Assistants (much lower pay) who completed our competancy.

HT2 Requires HT certification does Special Stains as well as other duties on rotation.

HT3 Requires HT certification, does Immunos as well as all other duties on rotation.

I am trying to establish a position above the HT3 position which requires the Qualification in Immunohistochemistry.  This should allow me to get my immuno tech's more money as they are currently at or near the top of the scale.  Requiring the Qualification should convince the hospital that their is a distinction for these techs and they deserve to be paid better.  Also my immuno tech's will learn a lot by taking the Qualification.  

Since non of my immuno techs have even sent for information about the Qualification, I've let this be a lower priority for now, but when I initially presented the idea administration seemed to like it.  

Ross Stapf
Histology Supervisor
Washington Adventist Hospital

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