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From:Victor Tobias


Being on the IT side of things I would be interested to know what the IT
inspector was looking for. Our CAP is coming at the end of summer.


On Fri, 13 Jun 2003, Vinnie Della Speranza wrote:

> We were just inspected yesterday. NO deficiencies!! hurray. the
> pathologist inspection team leader described us as a "first class
> operation"
> This inspection team was extremely thorough. we had FOUR inspectors for
> AP, not counting the IT person who also showed up. Two pathologists, a
> histo supervisor and a cytology inspector
> They followed the checklists closely and thoroughly, viewed every page
> in every procedure and policy manual ( if you saw the volume of material
> you'd understand the magnitude of this task) and they managed to overlap
> each other so that we found ourselves covering some areas with them more
> than once. one pathologist inspector wanted to see all ihc cases ending
> in the digit "2" for the past month or two ( to avoid our selecting our
> best cased for him to see)
> I can't identify any one particular area for you that they gave greater
> emphasis to because they were so thorough. after a hectic day it was
> nice to receive their compliment.
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> >>>  06/13/03 09:58AM >>>
> We are having a CAP inspection this summer.  Has anyone been inspected
> recently and can you alert me to any trouble areas?  Thanks for your
> help !!

Victor Tobias
Clinical Applications Analyst
Department of Pathology
University of Washington

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