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I take that back.  My first impression was that it was low but upon looking
at the chart again, it is about right.  It is an average and I didn't take
into consideration that these are an average of starting pay and the
salaries of techs who have been in the field for awhile.  Private industry
seems to pay more than the government positions but that is only my
impression from what I have heard in my area, Wash. DC.  This area also has
a high cost of living.  A one bedroom apartment rents for $1000.00 a month.

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Kathy Tedford-Hays  HT (ASCP)
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Baptist Medical Center
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what area do you live in?



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I guess  I work in an area with a high cost of living.  The salaries posted
here seem very low.
Ginny Achstetter HT (ASCP)
Department of Soft Tissue Pathology
Bldg. 54  Rm. 3118

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