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Autoclaving your slides should be fine, remember, when people do antigen
retrieval, they use a pressure cooker, and all that is is a small version of
an autoclave. Other things that _might_ work are UV irradiation or heating
in an oven (not too sure how well the glass will stand up to that).

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Today is my last day in this job, so I may be away from Histonet for a
little while.
I'm off to Vision BioSystems as their UK Application Support Specialist on
their new immunostainer, so wish me luck!

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I was just wondering if anyone knows if autoclaving superfrost slides
will affect the charge/binding properties.  I need some sterile slides
and was wondering the best way to go about it.  I have some
rubber/silicon chambers to add onto slides to make 'chamber slides' for
cell cultures.  Unfirtunately I'll then be stimulating the cells with a
live bacteria, so I can't use strong antibiotics- other people here use
slides from an unopened box and PEST- but I'm not sure that'll be
sterile enough for me........


Any advice would be much appreciated,





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