RE: Sta-on issue with automated coverslipper

From:Nancy Klemme

Dear Luong,

	ANY material on the back side of the microscope slide (adhesive,
stain, bits of tissue section, etc.) will act as a point of friction.
This interferes with gravity's pull on the slide.  Depending on the
amount of material/friction, the slide movement down the chute could
actually be stopped.   
	Recommended technique is to wipe the back of the slide after
picking up the section or ribbon from the water bath (regardless of the
type of coverslipping utilized.)
Besides using this helpful resource, please feel free to call Sakura's
Technical Support for more discussion as well.    800-725-8723, Menu
option "2".

Kind regards,

Nancy Klemme
Mgr, Technical Support
Sakura Finetek USA, Inc.

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HI all

Can anyone tell me.  Will the Sta-on (adhesive) on the slide give any
to the Sakura automated coverslipper (Film)?
Such as stick to the rail and not fall into the chute appropriately.

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