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From:Nick Bullough


If the brain is regarded as being of high value, you may want to use a
specialist shipper who can advise on packaging and expedite all the customs

We use Biocair (who are UK based specialists in
shipping biological and chemical specimens) to transport specimens almost
anywhere, they are not cheap, but they are excellent.

They can probably help you out, but I'm sure there must be a US based
company who can do the same.

If you can, I'd use a specialist, FedEx would be my second choice (I have
used FedEx in the past and they have been very good, but that was only on
small protein samples). Taking it on a scheduled flight is a real no-no, I
can forsee all kinds of problems which may crop up, delays, customs etc.

Please contact me direct if you'd like any more information.

Best regards,


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Subject: Packing tissue for international shipment

Hi all -

One of our researchers is collaborating with someone from a 
European country (I think it's Sweden).  This collaborator is 
going to attempt to take some fresh-frozen monkey brain tissue 
back with her to her country of origin.  The specimens must stay 
on dry-ice.  We guestimate that it will take her 24 hours to get 
from our -80C freezer to the one back in her lab.  She apparently 
has been in touch with the various authorities because she has 
permits.  I am the third party who is in charge of the actual 
packing of the tissue.  Does anyone out in Histoland have any 
suggestions on how I should pack this material?  

I have been to the International Air Transport Association 
website, but was unable to get any guidelines.  

Thanks in advance,


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