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We charge $12 for a 2-step protocol (biotin labeled primary) and $18.00 for
a 3-stepper.  The P.I. supplies us with the primary antibody and we supply
everything else (cutting the section, pre-treatment of sections if needed,
2nd and 3rd step materials, buffers, DAB, counterstain, etc.).  If the PI
wants a pathology report, that's another $15.


  James E. Staruk, HT(ASCP)
   Mass Histology Service
(A division of DVMLab, Inc.)

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What are the various institutions out there charging for an IHC slide (per
antibody), and does this charge include the pathologist's time and expertise
in reading the slide, or is that a separate charge?

Please let me know if you're in human or veterinary medicine.

Thank you in advance.

Jan Shivers
Univ. of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

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