Processing undecalcified bone with tetracycline labels

From:Gayle Callis

Linda is correct on formalin fixation working

1.  70% ethanol has been traditional way to retain tetracycline label, but
morphology is poor.
2.  Alcholic formalin is excellent (Anatech has an excellent one, ready to
use) retains label and give     	excellent morhphology.
3.  Formalin is reported to work (Mayton publication in J of
Histotechnology) although reported to remove label 	due to aqueous nature,
some people have success - probably because they do not store labeled bone
for 	long periods of time in NBF.  Morphology will be excellent. 

I would opt for the alcoholic formalin, but not store the bone in this
after fixation is complete, you can fix then store in 70% ethanol until

If you need a PMMA protocol, I will be happy to supply - it is excellent
for microtoming using 2155 and tungsten carbide d profile blade.   Please
reply to me personally so I can attach to you. 

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