Processing schedule

From:Frouwke Kuijpers

I have a few questions about processing schedules for paraffin embedding
followed by IHC.
I am working on a research lab, we don't have a tissue processor and
processing we do by hand.
Normally we work with small pieces of tissue and we have a schedule of 8
hours, fitting in a normal working day. (alc70/80/90/96/iso-propanol
But now we want to work with bigger pieces of tissue (2x2 cm) and the
processing schedule must be enlarged. Because we do the processing by hand,
the tissue must stay overnight somewhere during processing.
Which solution is the most suitable for that?

And another question, does the warm paraffin bath effect the IHC, normally
we do the last paraffin bath overnight and embed the next morning. But when
I look to other pr. schedules I sometimes see steps of only one hour. BTW,
we don't use vacuum during processing.

Dept. Cellular Animal Physiology
University of Nijmegen
Toernooiveld 1
6525 ED Nijmegen

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