Packing tissue for international shipment

From:Margaret Gondo

Hi all -

One of our researchers is collaborating with someone from a 
European country (I think it's Sweden).  This collaborator is 
going to attempt to take some fresh-frozen monkey brain tissue 
back with her to her country of origin.  The specimens must stay 
on dry-ice.  We guestimate that it will take her 24 hours to get 
from our -80C freezer to the one back in her lab.  She apparently 
has been in touch with the various authorities because she has 
permits.  I am the third party who is in charge of the actual 
packing of the tissue.  Does anyone out in Histoland have any 
suggestions on how I should pack this material?  

I have been to the International Air Transport Association 
website, but was unable to get any guidelines.  

Thanks in advance,


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