MSRS Primary Antibody Database

From:r v weimer

Greetings All

MSRS Primary Antibody Database Online listing 185,000+ antibodies and where 
to get them - is doing just fine - except the server in Seattle has been 
unstable for 2 days. Everyone is working on the problem and should be stable 
soon. Please try back a little later.

If you have specific searches, I can help until the situation stabilizes.

I regret your inconvenience.

Bob Weimer

Others who may be interested in the MSRS Database and Company Index of 
antibody producers/suppliers i.e.600+; and 5600+ other biotech companies, 
may email me and I will be happy to extend complimentry access codes to the 
subscription database.

>From: Carrie Kyle-Byrne 
>To: "''" 
>Subject: MSRS database
>Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 14:04:36 -0700
>sorry to post this to the entire list.......but i can't find any other way
>to contact the MSRS folks.  their website isn't this a
>server problem or have they gone out of business?  is anyone else having
>this problem?

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