From:carmen loiselle

After reading few of the messages sent about the isopentane, I have to say 
that I'm very concern.  We have a deep freezer in our lab in which, half of 
it , contains  containers fill with isopentane.   Specimens embedded in OCT, 
are stored in vials containing isopentane, in different levels.  I told my 
supervisor about my concerns (specially after viewing the damage done in 
Arkansas lab), saying that we should change our storage habit.  She agreed 
and suggest, decanting the isopentane into a metal container, leaving the 
specimen wrapped in aluminium foil in a cryovial (at -80C).   Then dispose 
the isopentane by flushing it down the drain with running warm water.  Does 
it seems to you, the right way to do it ??  How about the environment ??

A very concern lab tech .

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