How could I get better frozen slides?

From:yichao wu

In our lab,frozen sections from kidney specimens always look poor.I want to 
know how other labs do.

Our procedures are as below,
Firstly we get specimens from clinic bedside.
Take them back to our lab in a 4C box.
Immerse them in OCT.
Put directly in -29C cyrostat and wait for them to be frozen.
Use slides in room temperature to stick to those sectioned tissue. And 
frozen sections are prepared.

I wonder,
1) Should we use lower temperature when transfering the specimens? Through 
lower temperature is very inconvenient.
2) Should we incubate the specimens in sucrose buffer before immerse them in 
OCT? How to do it in details?
3) Should we change a cyrostat? (Ours is from Bright and have used it for 
about 10 yrs)

Could you kindly give some suggestions? We just wish to have frozen sections 
of better quality.Such as could identify basement membrane and glomeruli in 
the setions.Now all we could see is a mass of cells.

Thank you very much!

Yichao WU,Ph.D candidate

Research Insititute of Nephrology,Jinling Hospital
Medical School,Nanjing University
Nanjing 210002
PR China

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