Could I use isopentane in a common hood?

From:yichao wu

Thank you.And I would like to ask could I use isopentane in a common fume hood?

Could you kindly tell me how to use isopentane safely and correctly? How do you do in your lab?


Yichao WU

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>Subject: RE: Is isopentane safe and could it be used in -70C firdge?
>Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 08:00:27 -0500
>Do not put isopentane in a fridge or freezer unless it is explosion-proof. If there is any leak in the bottle there is no place for the HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE fumes to go. I strongly suggest that you read Sakura's Histologic Vol. XXXVI, No. 1, May 2003. The burned out lab on the front cover will give you pause.
>Stephen J. Scholz HT(ASCP)
>Histology Coordinator
>OSF St. Anthony Medical Center
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> Subject: Is isopentane safe and could it be used in -70C firdge?
> For making frozen sections, I wonder whether could I pre-freeze isopentane in a -70C fridge,and then snap freeze the specimen in it?
> I know commonly people use dry-ice or LN2 to precool isopentane.But I wonder if -70C firdge could subsititute dry-ice for convenience?
> BTW,how safe is isopentane? How will it explode?
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> Nanjing China
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