From:Rohan Walker

Hi Histonet,
  We have a small research laboratory - looking at the effects of stress on immune function.  We would like to start routinely performing manual differential white blood cell counts on  whole blood samples (collected in EDTA) from rats.  There seems to be a variety of stains that are used; Giesma, Wright's, Giesma Modified, Giesma-Wrights, May Grunwald, Diff Quik, and Genitian Violent.  I don't have enough experience with histology to know which one of these stains will give us the best results and we don't have enough in the budget to try each of them.  Could you recommend a stain?
Regards, Rohan.
Rohan Walker
Doctoral Student
Laboratory of Neuroimmunology
University of Newcastle
Callghan, N.S.W.  Australia.

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