Re: storage of control slides

From:Richard Cartun

You need to determine what's best for your laboratory.  We store all
control slides at RT; some for many years without any loss of
immunoreactivity.  In fact, I have a "tissue library" containing
unstained slides (some cut back in the early 1980's) that I use
routinely for educational and research purposes.  Various laboratories
have reported a loss in immunoreactivity for some antigens (e.g.,
nuclear antigens) over time.  In those situations, you might want to
consider cutting less control slides.  In conclusion, you must determine
what works best for your laboratory.  Everyone's fixation and processing
is different; therefore, it's not unexpected that different results
regarding control slide storage are observed.

Richard Cartun  

>>> "Mitchell, Nancy"  06/20/03 05:48PM >>>
Many facilities cut their control slides to be used for special and
staining in advance.  Some facilities keep these slides stored at room
temperature in boxes and  others store them in the refridgerator . What
the preferred method for storing control slides and if used for IHC
will the slides, if cut in advance,  suffer loss of immunoreactivety
intensity in the staining? 

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