Re: late charges

From:Richard Cartun

If the request comes in two weeks or less from the original sign-out
date I add an addendum to the original report.  If the request comes in
after 2 weeks, a consult report (with a new accession number) is
generated documenting the ordering MD and the request date, as well as
the results of the special testing.  All tests used for patient
management are billed.

Richard Cartun

>>> anita dudley  06/25/03 03:00PM >>>
can someone tell me how they handle say for instance an er,pr immuno
was not ordered at the time the tissue went through the lab, and now
dr's want it done.  Is is charged on the same case number and billed on
or is it given a new number and billed on that.  say the case is a few

months old.  here at our hosp. they tell us we can not bill an older
number?  thanks for the info,
anita dudley

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