Re: gram control

From:Ross Stapf

The trade name is Slim Jim.  It isn't quite beef jerky, but is similar.  It is somewhere between beef jerky and a hot dog.  I think that some folks who tried it recently didn't see any Gram negative.  They only saw Gram positive so I don't think they used it.  They now make many flavors so it may be that they changed the formula a bit.  Mine was processed about 8 years ago and it has both.  The Gram negative have to be looked for, but they are there.  Mine was the original flavor I think.  They can be found at most any convenience store, 7-11. 

All I can say is try it and see how it works for you.  

Ross Stapf
Histology Supervisor
Washington Adventist Hospital
Takoma Park MD

>>> David Rushworth  07/01/03 08:49AM >>>
Recently someone in the States recommended using some kind of processed
'meat product', beef jerky?? As one of my colleagues is visiting in a few
days could someone please refresh my memory? A trade name would be helpful
.Thanks in anticipation. Dave Rushworth.


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