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From:Ford Royer

I don't know if you have received an answer to your question, but other than
Faerie (or "Fairy" if you live on the west side of the Pond) Dust... which works
quite well I am told ;-) , you might check with a University Extension Agency in
your area, or contact a Food Science Department at a local University.  (I do
not know where you are located, you did not include this with your posting, but
you could also contact a State or Federal Agricultural Department).  The canned
mushrooms that I buy at the grocery store always seem to be well preserved, at
least macroscopically, but I don't know what they use as a preservative in their
canning.  A Biology Department at a College or University might also know what
to use.  Though it was back during the time when Adam was just a boy, I do
remember that we had a number of different species of toadstools & mushrooms
preserved in specimen jars when I was an undergraduate in Biology at the
University of Nebraska.  I do not think that I ever knew what was used as a
preservative, however.

Hope this helps,
~ Ford
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Andrew Shand wrote:

> Faerie dust
> Remember though it must be sprinkled under the light of the full moon -
> which you have just missed.
> Andy Shand
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> Does anyone know the best way to preserve a toadstool? Is there a preferred
> fixative?
> Thanks, Marge

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