Re: Throwing away Slides with Tissue

From:Roger Moretz


I don't know about regulations.  I know that the
decisioon here has been to consider slides with tissue
to be biohazard waste.  I haven't seen any
documentation on this and frankly don't see any reason
to consider slides with tissue as biohazard waste.  At
this point it has been fixed, processed, stained, etc,
etc.  Of course someone is going to throw the prion
diseases at me.  So, not from knowledge, just current
practice and some personal observations.

Roger Moretz, Ph.D.
BI Pharmaceuticals
Ridgefield, CT
--- kevin williams  wrote:

Dear All:
I have a dilema, I have a nice big box for broken
glass, easy in comparison to get rid of, Only problem,
are slides with fixed, stained and coversliped tissue
a Biohazard? Thus in need of Nth level trash
containment, or can I throw them in with the broken
Yours faithfully,
A. Kevin Williams

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