Re: Staining kit/method for TRAP/osteoclasts staining

Cold PFA fixation andcold EDTA decal and that kit will work fine as designed for mouse bones.  Problem is you need thirty years per case.

Edna S Choi <>

06/30/03 05:09 PM

        Subject:        Staining kit/method for TRAP/osteoclasts staining

Dear all,
I'm experiencing difficulties with staining for TRAP activities in
formalin fixed, acid decalified mouse bones embedded in GMA. I tried the
Sigma kit for leukocyte acid phosphotase and it was provened unsuccessful
(although I've read from one of the archives that someone was successful
with using the same kit for decal, formalin fixed paraffin sections of
mouse bones). I'm trying to find a kit that's meant for decalcified, GMA
embedded mouse bones and I haven't came across any. I called both
Polysciences and Sigma-Aldrich and both said they don't carry any TRAP
staining kit for resin-embedded bones. Does anyone have any suggestions as
to where can I find a such a staining kit or maybe have any protocols for
staining methods?
I appreciate any advices and suggestions.
Thank you.
Edna Choi
Center for Biotechnology at State University of NY at Stony Brook
phone: 631-632-4382

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