Re: Spammed to death in this list: QuitTaliing about it.


In my opinion the one generating noise here is you. This thread was 
opened with a legitimate concern and taken seriously and gently by an 
administrator. Then it was dead till now when you reopen it, just to say 
your line of glory. Anyway, my apologies for this old thread bothering 
you but are not the one to ask here to keep quiet or to accuse others of 
generating noise. You better focus on damn out of office auto replies if 


Gordon Couger wrote:

>The follow up discussion about spam is worse than the Spam it's self. For
>ever piece of spam ten people have to say something about it and then
>discuss it. If you want to minimize Spam effect direct your concerns to the
>moderator directly or keep quite and quit generating noise on the list.
>Gordon Couger
>Stillwater, OK

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