Re: Silver staining problems

I was so glad to see an email addressing exactly what I experience at times.  It was amazing to see someone express wonderment at how one slide in a batch of other slides can sometimes turn grayish/greenish....(ie. ugly).  If all the slides in a single batch react the same, I would guess the problem was in the titration, developer, or simply the person handling the slides. Other times all my slides look great.  I've also needed to figure out how sometimes a part of the brain section will stain beautifully, with sometimes half of the section not developing at all.  yuk.  We do not use superfrost plus, or any charged slide or stay on in the water bath.  I religiously rinse all my glassware is bottle distilled H20 and yes, it has helped alot.  But I still have the grayish/green that comes up.  I'd like to be able to solve and explain this event.  

Yes, I've tried replacing with a Sevier, but the Sevier doesn't show amyloid plaques.  And besides that, doctors have told me that the Bielschowsky is stain they prefer to refer to in communicating with other doctors.  The Biels is the preferred standard.

I will keep my eyes open for any more responses to your question.  I really hope something opens the door to solving this problem for us too.

Deb King, HT (ASCP)
Sacramento, CA

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